ITT: Shirtposts alpha discussion

Hey all, we have a list of changes and updates to do still but feel free to make suggestions, ask where something is, or otherwise leave feedback in this thread!

4 years ago


  • OurTeam 1 points 4 years ago

    One thing we need is a comment counter on the outside of an image. There isn't a good way to know if someone commented or when.

  • thomasmate 1 points 4 years ago

    how do i delete a post? (didnt mean to post a white shirt)

  • OurTeam 1 points 4 years ago

    I believe there is a way but the icon is hidden for some reason. I'll delete it for you. You can edit and delete comments by hovering under the Date & time. It's hidden too ---->

  • admin 1 points 4 years ago


    Am I allowed to call people a fag? Answer: yes. We want to stick to our roots and will be launching this in tiers to hopefully have the original base of users be from our original launch (4channers). Trolls will be banned or perma-banned.

  • admin 1 points 4 years ago

    What images are allowed? Anything and everything. We want to promote having fun, not sales. This is also what makes us special. We are the first community of our kind for apparel. Illegal images will be removed.

  • admin 1 points 4 years ago

    How do I report something? We are adding reporting soon but email Alternatively, message /u/doesitmakenoise on reddit, /u/doesitmakesound on voat, or @shirtwascash on twitter.

  • Haredeenee 1 points 4 years ago

    how do I dank memes?

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