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3 years ago


  • Gillafonte 1 points 3 years ago

    For the hoodies could we see what they look like with pockets?

    When are we going to get the option to make hoodies/tanks/crop tops/leggings or it doesn't really matter because it's similar to the shirts?

    Any chance we'll ever get sweat pants?

    Really digging the changes so far.

  • OurTeam 1 points 3 years ago

    The pockets are internal on both sides but that's a good idea. I need to add some FAQ stuff and whatnot still as well.

    That option will happen in the future but probably in a couple dev cycles. Right now I'm focusing on user experience and when I hire some help, I'll be focused on building this community & consistency on my part.

    Sweatpants / joggers will come before winter, probably in falls new products.

  • Gillafonte 1 points 3 years ago

    awesome man can't wait

  • SuperNotSupper 1 points 3 years ago

    Any further development in the mobile space? Will moving into retail space improve ship times?
    Also, wanted to report that the red fill for shirts I have voted on still does populate on the main page. When I am viewing an individual shirt the red arrow shows.

  • OurTeam 1 points 3 years ago

    Mobile is likely the focus of the next dev cycle. I have to say that everything works surprisingly well on my phone. I need to try an android.

    The issue with mobile is there are so many operating systems, phones, browser's, etc.

  • OurTeam 3 points 3 years ago

    Hey all!

    So - As I mentioned, one of my near-term goals is to hire more people. We are going to be moving into our first office space in the next couple weeks, so that's when that will begin. They will be doing stuff like customer service, design work, etc. so I can focus on the community and shirtwascash's customer experience... the things that matter most to me.

    If you haven't seen our new hoodies, sweatshirts, pocket tees, and girls clothes - check them out at! I would love your feedback on that stuff and still need to do a few things such as sizing, a blog post on our pricing (how I came to those numbers and that we're still between $10 and $20 under anyone else doing this type of printing), and more. I am still the same guy and you all are first - so I am 100% listening to feedback and, as always, I will adjust to make it the best / most fair experience possible. The biggest change for me is that I can no longer bootstrap everything with my own time. We need to move forward and that includes new expenses such as the hires, office space, etc.

    New designs from the last contest are late but coming on Thursday (tomorrow)! I will contact the winners on here and/or by email to pick their prizes. Hype hype hype, I'm excited.

    Site changes:

    • We now have boards! I will be adding more shortly. Please feel free to request a specific board. The ones there right now are just for testing.

    • Comment section is better.. things work now... it matches our site's design and more. I hope you're as pleased by this as me!

    • My admin controls have expanded. I can customize each board and do several more things from the backend which will help with user experience, combating spam / vote manipulation, and more.

    • We've introduced user BADGES! I still haven't created what they actually are but your user account can now collect and receive badges to congrat you on being awesome.

    • Bug fixes - there were several, mostly from your feedback, and we've fixed some voting bugs and whatnot.

    Let me know what you think! I am really proud and excited about the changes BUT I want them to be something you want.

  • Haredeenee 1 points 3 years ago

    "ill contact the winners on here and/or by email to pick their prizes. Hype hype hype, I'm excited"

    I didnt get an email. :p

    Also, I get an error when trying to view an alert when someone comments on one of my shirts

  • bravo 1 points 3 years ago

    Hey man, I'll check on that error and fix it.

  • Haredeenee 1 points 3 years ago

    yup, same if I go to most popular shirts and try to click on one.

    and can we please switch around the attach shirt and submit buttons on comments, every damn time i hit attach shirt :P

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