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  • OurTeam 6 points 3 years ago

    Today, I accompanied my grandmother to the hospital. I didn't know what was going on, I wish I had. Her kidneys are functioning at 8%... 2% lower than the last time she was in 6 weeks ago. I've become very protective and an active love family member in her life since starting this company. This is a result of the gift you all have given me, and I thank you for it.

    Relationships are everything. I realize that absolute truth the more I get older. Not to get too morbid but we're only on this planet for so long - how do you want to be remembered? Some would say "rich, powerful, whatever"... I say... loved. I want to be remembered for the compassion I shared, the lives I changed for the better, and I want those that think about me to cherish the memory.

    I wrote this on Facebook earlier and decided to share it everywhere. I may be busy as hell but I am there for you - all of you - if there's a time in need or desire to just reach out. Here's what I posted:

    "Sad? Lonely? Depressed? Are you happy but want more in life? What if I told you that you've had the key to your happiness, strong relations, and success all along?

    The secret is buried in you. Maybe you forgot all about it, never realized the power you can have on others (and yourself), or you think your friends/family/people "just know" so "things" don't need to be shown or said...

    Tomorrow, tell someone how much you love/care for them. Be brave enough to grow, heal, or create any and all of the relations in your life. This applies to friends, family, and strangers alike. You truly get what you give. Are you negative? Then you'll find negativity and it will become you. Be strong enough to choose compassion - to others AND YOURSELF. No one's a bigger bully to you than your thoughts, right? It's alright to be vulnerable and connect w/ others - your ego/image can afford to take the passenger seat.

    Tomorrow, look in the mirror and appreciate the amazing person you are. Believe it and share it - everyone you know will thank you for it. They want what's best for you... it's time to believe the truths in front of you. Be confident enough to accept the positives. Life is what you make of it and only you have the power to make the difference.

    I know this may seem out of place given our brand, but really our mission is to bring more happiness into this world. We'll continue to listen, grow, fix our shortcomings, and put you first...

    We love you."

    • best, anon

  • Gillafonte 3 points 3 years ago

    It goes both ways man, thanks for creating a site for us all to dick around on and have fun.

  • drudgeness 4 points 3 years ago

    Thanks for making us feel important in this community. We love you too you big queer.

  • Haredeenee 2 points 3 years ago

    Thanks for opening up anon, I couldnt imagine what id do in your situation. I'm very close to my grandmother.

  • azeaz 3 points 3 years ago

    Daww! we love you too

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