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  • admin 2 points 3 years ago

    So - the website is getting closer to a point where I can start adding moderators and other fun things. There are still bugs being found and what-not but I feel now is the time to legitimize what this website is more, what our rules are, and things like that. As usual, I am asking you all for your input.

    Shirtposts Rules

    These are just off the top of my head and open for feedback. I'm starting to get better tools to manage posts and stuff now and anticipate beginning to open the platform up more to more people.

    1. Obviously illegal things such as child pornography will not be allowed.
    2. Modding boards will be a privilege and must be requested & we create them. This is mostly so I can keep the culture we've created true(-ish) to what we've been about and it's how the website was built. We don't currently have the ability for users to create boards built-in.
    3. We will have an official policy/platform for users to have their voice heard. I believe a problem with a lot of online communities is that users are powerless. Initially I will run it through PMs / emails but users will have a process to submit their requests such as: moderator takedown requests (kick the power tripping bastards), individual board rule/policy changes, how to become unbanned, and things like that. Right now I also have the thought to add a 3rd party ticket service or build a survey tool for users to vote on important community matters. Something like this will be enforced above moderator decisions but I will have final say on everything... (you trust me... rite? If not, too bad =P. Wouldn't it be ironic if I became all the things I hate? Be sure to let me know...).
    4. Moderators can only be mods on either 2 or 3 boards. I don't really see any reason someone should even moderator more than one.
    5. We will comply with DMCA takedowns and everything. This is legal stuff so I assume you understand. I will look into how to make stuff like that more transparent than other websites. I'm not really sure how it works yet.
    6. We will have an official procedure to report abuse. Since this isn't an image board like 4chan, I don't think we'll have a lot of problems with this but... Abuse will be defined as things like doxxing, invasion of privacy, spamming, other things TBD etc.
    7. No vote manipulation. This does not include posting on facebook to have your friends or (in some cases) fans go on and vote something.

    General "Community" Mindset

    First off - we aren't any other website so previous assumptions should be disregarded as we decide what we allow or don't allow, how we treat each other, and really the general "feel" of the website / how approachable it is.

    Things from other communities that I would like to stay away from:

    • Forums/Reddit's abuse of power privileges. Put systems in place that harbor more of a democracy.
    • Reddits/4chan's extreme obscenity (and I mean obscene; not wtf or imgoingtohell type stuff). I think there is a line to be drawn here.
    • Lack of overall "community" vibe and inherent hostility AKA allowing asshats and trolls to be dicks with no repercussion. I'm all for difference of opinions but general trolls, fuckfaces, assholes, and what-not that are obviously here to be detrimental to the community as a whole shouldn't be tolerated. I've been a part of several amazing online communities and would like to strive for that culture feeling.
    • So... based on the above things, my assumption is that this will not be some complete bastion of freedom of speech. As my history may indicate, I have a huge proponent of it and love crazy stuff but I would like to help promote a culture that is central to having fun.

    My goal with this website is several:

    1. Create a central community that is awesome and a place for fun.
    2. Keep the bullshit to a minimal. This includes ads, the feeling this website exists as a sales machine, trolls/assholes, general features and admin/moderator secrets that lead to drama.
    3. Build more communities via the boards. I don't plan to be the only moderator and I also don't plan on shirtwascash being the only "brand"/community on here.

    Boards, brands, fans, and communities:

    I am going to get into my thoughts more on this in another post but there will be more than one type of moderator/board owner. I see one type helping me run the website and various shirtwascash boards, I see another being parternships between shirtposts and other brands (specifically stuff like people that stream on twitch) where we mostly run it but it's for their specific community, and I see another type allowing you to run your own board completely.

    In short, let's say you run /b/food and create an awesome community submitting food type shirts. You grow it and the board evolves into its own cool standalone community separate from shirtwascash. My current idea is that you will take over my role in that board and if those designs are sold and you will get a cut of the sales (and we may host a separate shop for it). I don't believe it would be fair for me and my brand to be the one that "owns" the ideas. Individual boards should.

    We would do the fulfillment on that and win-win. Assuming this is something people use and since I'm transparent, these partnerships with you and others is my assumed business model for this website right now instead of things like ads. I also think, given our own results, that this is a life-changing opportunity for people. No other website or platform exists like this. That said, I am going to be extremely picky on who I give boards to, who I make moderators, etc.

    SO - I've covered a lot. What are your thoughts on the rules, culture, and website? Suggestions/feedback is encouraged.

  • Haredeenee 2 points 3 years ago

    Looks good so far. def need a way to report something,

    how are mods going to apply, criteria, etc

  • Gillafonte 1 points 3 years ago

    Yeah same thoughts here

  • Haredeenee 1 points 3 years ago

    I dont... see any comments.

    Also btw we cant submit shirts as comments anymore

  • admin 1 points 3 years ago

    I can. If it's a bug, email me what you're seeing.

  • admin 1 points 3 years ago

    I will say that the shirt positioning here has room to improve.

  • Haredeenee 1 points 3 years ago

    emailed, or have the white space be see through, so u see the grey background of the site through irt

  • bravo 1 points 3 years ago

    Hey there, you can submit shirts as comments when you click on the box on the right. Like this

  • Haredeenee 1 points 3 years ago

    kk bravo, may want to have some words saying "atach a shirt" or something, btw nice badge ;)

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